Strange Mage – Intro

In a land far away from here, lived a mage in a small village of Lahara. His name was Lamicol. He was a strange mage that didn’t really fit in with the others. He wasn’t as tall as the others and he spoke more plainly than the others. He was picked on and tormented by the other mages for his looks. Little did they know that this particular mage had a destiny that would bring him to the brink of greatness. He had a secret though that would soon play out …  He had fallen in love with the princess of the village. Her name was Elena. She was a beautiful woman with long dark hair and the bluest eyes that could only be rivaled by the sea. However, her father was a terrible tyrant. His name was king Harold and was the meanest king in all the land. He was always doing battle with the surrounding territories; trying to get more and more power to fuel his greedy heart. So begins the journey of the “Strange Mage”.