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Daily Post – Voice

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So today’s daily post is “voice” I’m guessing that I write about using my voice or how I would go about using it. So I’m going to write this off the events that I saw recently. I’m going to go with what happened and what SHOULD have happened with using your “voice”

It started the night before with absolute quiet. Two people going about their evenings without saying much to one another. They say that you should never go to bed angry or upset. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case on this occasion. Apparently someone told the man that the woman was a pig and that she cheated on him. The man being foolish and not using his “voice” believed it. So they went to bed in absolute quiet without speaking to one another. The following morning before the roosters were even up, they decided to talk to one another.

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Daily Prompt – March 30th

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So this one has me thinking outside the box a little. Should be pretty interesting to see what I come up with, let’s see =) ,

Five a day
You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will
only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

First, I’d like to know what I did to be exiled to a private island?!? Then I’d like to know how long I’m going to be on this island?!? Followed by, who else is there with me?!? Once I find those questions out, I’ll plan my 5 foods. Firstly, I want some grapes. I think that’s a great way to start the day plus it’s a good snack xD! Now to the other 4 foods. I think I want steak, fish, pizza and and most important of all is licorice.

Daily Prompt – March 29

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Well, I forgot to post this one yesterday. Guess it slipped my mind. This is a good one though, I think it’ll prove to be a little funny with a small twist =)

Trading spaces
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member
of the opposite sex for a day? What do you think life
would be like?

I have wondered here and there what it would be like to be the opposite sex for a day. I think life, depending on how attractive I was, could prove to be pretty fun. I know for one, I’d be having lots of sex. I would totally be a whore just because it would be loads easier to find a guy than it is now lol. I think I would probably struggle with the bra and I don’t think I could get used to thongs at all haha. My day as a woman would primarily be focused on sex and lots of it. Might as well have as much fun as possible while your a woman for a day :D.

Upcoming challenges! – Lost in Thought

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So on a whim I decided to sign up for multiple writing groups for the moth of April. I don’t know how good of an idea it was to opt in for all three but it should be pretty interesting. Theme based A-Z, one that’s 30 days of poems and another one that I’ll be writing a 50,000 word story. I’m actually kind of excited for it but also, kind of worried.

On another note, I really do need to start tagging the topics I’m blogging on. Also need to start being a lot more active with commenting on peoples blogs. I don’t do it nearly enough.

On the final note and update, I think my blog is in need of a change. Maybe some new graphics and theme. It’s been a long time since I last changed anything. I’ll be looking into that today :D!

Daily Post – March 29th – Conceal

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So today the daily prompt is “conceal”.

For me concealing something is hiding or shielding someone or something from a person’s view. I’ve concealed a lot from people over the years. I didn’t want them to see something or uncover something that I had hidden. Even the most majestic things could be concealed, beautiful water falls, running steams. The things that could be concealed from public eye is such a vast amount.

For me, I’ve concealed a lot of things from my family. Things I’ve done, people I’ve heard, things I’ve said. It’s a vicious cycle really. Once you start concealing things from people, it becomes a habit. Even nature chooses to conceal itself from the view of humanity.

Daily Prompt – March 28th

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So today the prompt reminds me of Ren and Stimpy, “Happy Happy Joy Joy”‘ the cartoon from the 90’s. I remember watching that show religiously lol. Anyhow,

Happy happy joy joy
We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear . . . and happiness.
When was the last time you shed tears of joy?

I’ve been laying here for 10 minutes trying to figure out when I last cried for joy. The truth is, I can’t really remember that last time I cried out of joy. However, I can remember the last time I cried from sadness, so I’m going to go with that. The last time I cried for sadness was when my fiance and I split up. That was a miserable time because we were planning our wedding and stuff. She bailed cause her mommy and daddy didn’t care for me much. They were all for it when I was making 30k + a year. When I lost that job for something I didn’t even do, I got another job making 14k a year and at that point I was no longer good enough to her mommy and daddy. It’s always nice to throw 2 years of a relationship away because of $$. That’s the end of this post =) .


Daily Post – “Edge”

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I looked at a couple other peoples blogs for this one. Some were Christian related because of today being Easter. Some were pretty descriptive about rape and torture. Some sorta made no sense to me whatsoever. So I’m going to give the Edge my own twist,

Often times through my life I have been on the “Edge”. Whether it be cliff jumping from 100+ feet, which I must add was really fun when I was high and drunk. You couldn’t get me to be on the “Edge” like that again. I was guilty of riding the edge to with driving. Taking turns to fast, flying down the mountain full speed, racing other people. It really was bad as far as worrying about my own well being. I definitely had a death wish back then. Wasn’t too thrilled with my life. Then again I was guilty for feeling that way, I didn’t do anything to change it back then.

So I guess honestly, I have been on the “Edge” for years. Pushing the limits far beyond what I should have been doing. Now as I lay here and write this on my laptop, I’m forced to look back and see how far I’m come from the person I used to be. The person with suicidal idealization, un-diagnosed mental illness and an overall hatred of myself. So that’s some of my thoughts when it comes to riding the “Edge”.